Goat-friendly Games

Game Overview

Scorch is the third game by Goat-friendly Games, published in May 2019. Scorch is a dice rolling game about being the biggest, baddest, most destructive dragon you can be.


  • 2-6 players
  • Dice rolling strategy
  • Deep strategic choices every turn
  • Ages: 14+

Game Play

On your turn, roll all of your dragon dice. You may reroll them up to twice, keeping any you want in the process. After which, you must spend all of the dice on available actions. These actions include razing villages in the countryside, kidnapping the princess in the tower, gathering minions, defeating knights, and much more.

You will have more actions to take than you can afford to on any turn - so choose carefully and plan for the future. Each action you take may reward you with points, your ultimate path to victory.

Where to Buy

Scorch can be purchased through The Game Crafter, here.