Goat-friendly Games

Game Overview

Hornsburg is the second game published by Goat-friendly Games, made available in September of 2014. Hornsburg is a fast-paced game of buying and selling with two distinct play styles: a casual parlour variant, and an advanced strategic version.


  • 3-7 players
  • 2 play styles (casual and strategic)
  • Market trading and strategy
  • Sharp and modern visual design
  • Compact size, ideal for travel or game nights abroad
  • Ages: 12+

Game Play

Each round, players outbid and outsell each other in an ever-changing market. The round starts with a Market card revealing the fluctuating prices of goods. Players bid on goods, trying to grab the most valuable ones for the round.

After bidding, station cards are revealed and cargo demand is set. Players then alternate selling their goods to any stations that are still buying - once a station is filled, it isn't accepting goods anymore!

In the advanced version, players must select a starting station for their train, and must follow the tracks around Hornsburg in a specific order. Choose carefully or your stiffest competition may cut you off entirely!

Where to Buy

Hornsburg can be purchased through The Game Crafter, here.