Goat-friendly Games

Game Overview

Hair is a free Print-and-Play game by Goat-friendly Games, released in May 2019. Get out your hairspray, grab your guitar, and crank it to 11 - its time to write the best power ballad you can!


  • 2-6 players
  • Two game modes
  • Simple rules and quick fun
  • Ages: 10+

Game Play

Gather gear to match your ballad cards, and then play them to create the ultimate power ballad. Earn points based on the ballads you play - connect them to your previous ballads to earn bonus points.

In STADIUM mode, all players play simultaneously on one shared power ballad - there are no turns, play as quickly as possible!

Print and Play

As with all our print and play games, Hair is considered a work in progress. Any feedback regarding rules, balance, etc. is welcome .


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