Goat-friendly Games
Goat-friendly Games (c) 2023

Goat-friendly Games is an indepedent board and card game design company. Specializing in games with interesting and whimsical thematic elements, Goat-friendly Games strives to connect both casual and serious gamers with the common element of fun.

Goat-friendly Games is a two-person, family-owned company. We design and illustrate our games in-house, and test with a dedicated group of serious gamers. Please feel free to contact us with any comments.

Twilight Kingdoms - Published Nov 2020

A dark faerie tale tabletop roleplay gaming.

Twilight Kingdoms is a roleplaying game set in a unique dark faerie tale world. Players, assisted by a narrator, explore the world and develop their unique characters.

Encounter evil villains, sneaky faeries, shadowy horrors, witches, knights, and more. The game is currently in beta, and is entirely free to play. The link below contains a complete wiki of all the rules, interactive character and group generators, and PDF downloads.

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Scorch - Published May 2019

A dice rolling game - who can be the most destructive dragon?

On your turn, roll your dragon dice, gathering gold and minions, kidnapping princesses, razing villages, killing knights and eating all the sheep in the pasture.

Scorch plays up to six players, is fast paced, and features significant strategic depth on top of a wild dice rolling mechanic.

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Hornsburg - Published September 2014

A fast-paced game of buying and selling on the rails of Hornsburg.

Each round, players outbid and outsell each other in an ever-changing market. Buy low and sell high while your goods are in demand to be the player with the most points at the end of the game!

Featuring two distinct play styles: a casual parlour variant, and an advanced strategic version. The entire game fits compactly into a small box, making it ideal for travel and fast gaming sessions.

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Adventurelings - Published November 2012

Mini dungeons, major fun!

Adventurelings is a two-player competitive game, wherein each player assumes the role of a treasure-seeking adventurer.

As you delve through over twenty dungeon maps looking for treasure, beware of the monsters and traps your opponent lays in your way. But don't worry, on their turn you get to return the favor!

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