Goat-friendly Games

Game Overview

Adventurelings is the first game published by Goat-friendly Games, made available in November of 2012. Adventurelings is a two-player casual / competitive game suitable for ages 12 and up. Play time lasts approximately 25 minutes, with fast back-and-forth turn sequences. Consisting of over 125 hand illustrated cards and dungeon maps, Adventurelings is an exciting romp through an imaginative land.


  • 2-player casual / competitive
  • Play time: 25 minutes
  • Ages: 12+
  • 28 hand-illustrated dungeon boards
  • 126 hand-illustrated playing cards
  • Dice and pawns

Game Play

In Adventurelings, players alternate turns delving through dungeon maps seeking treasure and avoiding the monsters and traps their opponent has in store. Adventurelings consists of 28 dungeons, which are shuffled up and used throughout the game. Pawns are moved one space per turn, hoping to avoid danger and bring home the gold!

Players maintain a hand of five cards, which contain monsters and traps to disrupt their opponent, as well as actions and treasures to speed their own hero to victory!

Can you outwit your opponent and survive the dangers that lie ahead? Race to be the first to gather one thousand gold and you'll claim victory! Good luck!

Where to Buy

Adventurelings can be purchased through The Game Crafter, here.